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Explore the different technology article and read them to improve your knowledge and comes out with a legendary solution. This is a race to become the fastest learner and grab the achievements.

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Expert in Coding by exploring technology Blog articles to expertise in your field. Learning consumes time but you can save your time by efficient learning with right post. You should be know what you are looking for visualize it in your mind and find the solution here.

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Practice Helps You to Grow

Practice more from your own don't cheat or copy code will makes your mind lazy. Rather than than this try to learn how it works and practice to grab it in your mind.

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Analyse How Code Works

Analyse your code know how it works and look for efficient coding for faster response and reduce the loc(line of code) to improve your code. Make it complex free and stop writing buzzy code.

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Test Your Code Last time

Test your code for any bug and make a proper testing according to different devices. If you can make something better in your code try it and visualize a new idea.

How To Create Sitemap | Indexing Website

How To Create Sitemap | Indexing Website

To rank your website on the web your need to create a sitemap and submit the sitemap to the search engine dashboard. Assume you are using the google search console to rank your website to get organic traffic. Fir you need to make a sitemap and upload it to the website server. A sitemap is a thing that describes all your webpages and link that got follow within the website. If you want to create a premium website sitemap you need to ensure all the URLs that you have entered into the sitemap.xml file. ...

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Header Already Send | PHP Error | Solution

Header Already Send | PHP Error | Solution

Header error in PHP is most probably an error comes when we move our website on the server and then we saw this error because we have input some HTML text or element before the header redirect. We can resolve this error easily by changing the code for the header (location or URL) before the HTML text or element....

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